The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre
The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre


We have high standards of hygiene at The Murphy Pack and we hope you'll help us maintain those.


We ask that all visitors visit the "Pee Stop" with their dogs before and after play sessions and watch for "about to go" behaviour like sniffing, circling and leg lifting and intervene wherever possible.  This can dramatically reduce the need for cleaning these areas and keeps them clean, hygienic and smelling good!


Owners must pick up and clean up after their dogs and we are happy to help if you do happen not to spot it happening so dont panic.


We provide poop scoops and bags and ask that you double bag and tie. ALWAYS cover the poop scoop with a bag before use to keep it clean.


We also provide recycled disposable towel and safe for use disinfectant sprays for use in the indoor area. We ask that used paper is put of in bags, tied and placed in the recepticles provided. We find it works best to keep the place clean and fresh. In the Outdoor arena we provide buckets of water and disinfectant spray.  The idea is to reduce the amount of repeat marking and keep the play areas nice and clean.


After play sessions our team clean again and steam clean toys and equipment to keep them in clean, odourfree and hygienic condition.


We also provide hand santiser and wipes for our human visitors.


All food waste and rubbish must be placed in the bins provided - these are all tempting treats for dogs, but bad for them.


Smoking is STRICTLY only allowed in teh designated area. Cigarette butts must be disposed of safely.


The Murphy Pack

Canine Leisure Centre

65B Derryhirk Rd



Co Tyrone

N. Ireland

BT71 6NH


Grooming Studio opening September 2017!!

Our business hours

Monday - Friday07:30 - 18:30
Saturday09:00 - 17:00
We are open for Doggy Day Care and Play Sessions mon to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm. We open by appointment for private evening sessions. We have 3 Social & Play sessions on Saturdays. Places for which are booked in advance.

Free Car parking in clean concrete yard.


Our premises are fitted with Live Web Cams so you can log in and see whats happening from your mobile device or computer. Download the Sricam App and get today's login info when you drop off your dog.

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The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre