The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre
The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre

Terms and Conditions


We want all visitors (dogs and human) to enjoy their visit, but ask that you please observe the following rules and guidelines to ensure your own safety and that of the dogs. Before you visit you must complete the form in our Disclaimer and Waiver section.


Dog Behaviour


No trained security, guard, police or attack dogs are allowed during general public lay sessions. We have private sessions that you are more than welcome to avail of.

Dogs should be supervised by their owners/handlers at all times.

If your dog becomes over excited, disruptive or aggressive, you should put it on a lead and remove it from the play areas for "time out" to allow it to calm down.

However should any negative behaviour including repetative humping, incessant barking continue or appear threatening the dog must be put on lead and taken out of the play areas.

Dogs under one year of age should not be encouraged to jump as their hip bones etc are still developing and dogs under 6 months should attend Puppy play sessions for their safety.



Your dog must have its vaccinations up to date inc the kennel cough vaccination and puppies must have had all their puppy shots. Kennel cough is highly contagious and common. It is often referred to as the "common cold" for dogs as there are many types even vaccinated dogs can carry and catch kennel cough but vaccination is thought to reduce risk. Please bring your vaccination card with you to your first visit and show it to staff, you will also complete a declaration that your dog is fully vaccinated at time of booking. However it is important you realize than kennel cough is always a risk where multiple dogs exist and more likely to be passed on where the share airspace (similar to catching a cold after being on a flight) even in the best ventilated and most hygienic environment with all vaccinated dogs it can still be contracted! Symptoms inc sneezing, running eyes, hacking or honking cough and should you suspect your dog has kennel cough you should contact your vet. Leading immunologists have described kennel cough as "unimmunisable" due to the number of types but as a precaution we ask that you ensure your dog is vaccinated before they visit.  Should we suspect your dog may have symptoms we will let you know and ask that you collect them as a precaution Learn more about kennel cough



No contagious diseases or conditions please.

If you suspect your dog is sick please dont visit or becomes sick while with us please take home as a precaution. 





To help prevent dog fights, visitors should enquire about the nature of any unfamiliar dogs already in the park before releasing their own dog.

It is recommended to observe the "body language" of your dog and other dogs and respond sensibly and calmly.

Please follow staff guidance as we only wish to protect you, your dog and our visitors - remember if your dog attacks or injure another dog or person anywhere you are held liable by law and your dog could end up being destroyed .

Should you become uncomfortable or worried about another dog's behaviour, please consult a member of staff.

Dogs known to be aggressive towards other dogs or people (or exhibit threatening behaviour) should not visit unless muzzled and during a private session.  

Should your dog have particular triggers e.g. Tennis Balls, Squeaky toys or destructive tendencies pease alert us so we can accomodate them responsibily.

Entire (Non-neutered) male dogs in particular should be monitored carefully to help prevent dog fights.

Females in heat should not visit us until their season is completely over.

For Your Own Safety - Do Not Touch Any Dog Without First Asking The Owner/Handler's Permission

Children under the age of 16 should have adult supervision at all times. If we feel a child should be removed to the seating area to watch or completely for their safety and the dogs we reserve the right to do that.

Dog play obstacles and equipment is designed to be used by dogs only and young children should remain under parental supervision and not allowed to climb on such equipment.

All food waste and rubbish must be placed in the bins provided - these are all tempting treats for your dog, but bad for them. Smoking is only permitted in the designated area and all cigarette butts should be disposed of safely.

Any physical abuse towards any dog on site (even your own) will not be tolerated and may be reported.

Should another visitor or staff member ask you to control or restrain your dog please treat them with politeness, respect and understanding - we are all here to enjoy the experience.


Dogs & Children must never be left unsupervised and if you fail to collect your pet as agreed we reserve the right to place them in care of the authorities.


For your dog and your safety we ask that you go between the secured indoor areas and outdoor areas carefully and use a lead crossing the yard and in the parking areas. We are off a quiet country road but nonetheless safety is paramount at all times.


You use our carpark, premises, equipment and toys all all your own risk. The Murphy Pack its owners and agents do not accept any liability for any loss or property, damage to property or to visitors and dogs.


Now you can complete our Disclaimer form before you visit which you will find at the tab on the right. Then come along and enjoy!  



The Murphy Pack

Canine Leisure Centre

65B Derryhirk Rd



Co Tyrone

N. Ireland

BT71 6NH


Grooming Studio opening September 2017!!

Our business hours

Monday - Friday07:30 - 18:30
Saturday09:00 - 17:00
We are open for Doggy Day Care and Play Sessions mon to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm. We open by appointment for private evening sessions. We have 3 Social & Play sessions on Saturdays. Places for which are booked in advance.

Free Car parking in clean concrete yard.


Our premises are fitted with Live Web Cams so you can log in and see whats happening from your mobile device or computer. Download the Sricam App and get today's login info when you drop off your dog.

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The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre