The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre
The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre

Doggy Daycare

The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre offers daycare for your dog so you can ensure your dog is socialised, exercised and supervised while you are at work, running errands or out for the day. 


We we open at 7.30am and close at 6.30pm. Your dog can be dropped off and collected at a time convenient to you within opening hours. 


Half day daycare care is classed as any duration up to 5hours and costs £10, a full day is anything between 5 and 10 hours and costs £15. 




If if your dog dogs travel well feel free not to feed them in the morning before they travel and to bring their food with them. We'll be happy to feed your dog when they arriv no have settled in which can be extremely effective preventing travel sickness. 


If your dog normally eats during the times they'll be with us you can bring along their food and leave us instruction as to when and how much to feed them. If your dog has any allergies or food intolerances please make sure we have that noted on their file and remind the staff on drop off. We only use grain free food and treats but it is always helpful so that we can ensure your dog doesn't eat anything that may disagree with them. 




During an average day your dog will enjoy lots indoor games, our indoor play area, nap time with access to a range of comfy beds,  our covered bark floored agility arena and walk in fields or local parks.  


When you you collect your dog they will be very well exercised and won't need another walk. 




you you can log into our webcams and see what your dog is up to, contact us at anytime and if you wish to monitor exactly what exercise they've had you can ask that they wear one of our Activity monitors which will provide charts of activity and activity type throughout the day and will be sent to you at the end of the day.

Monitor hire and Report via email £5 per day. 


Social Media


We post lots and lots of gorgeous photos and videos of our guests on our Facebook page, you tube channel etc. It is hugely popular with our clients who love to be able to have a quick look while they are at work, on holiday or just missing their dog. Recent videos have been so popular they've gone viral globally to over 18million views! 


Cameras as are always running and ready to capture precious memories, funny moments and even behaviours so if you are camera shy or don't wish for you or your dog to be recorded this isn't the place for you! 


Problem or unusual behaviours


Should your dog exhibit any issues or unusual behaviours that you may not be aware of or that we are working with you on to improve we may record those to review with you later, to track progress or to identify a trigger. This can be really useful in the training and monitoring of your dog! 




As well as speaking to our team who will update you with regards to how your dogs day went and any issues or concerns at the end of each day we send Report cards. This is a fun way for us to feedback what activities your dog has completed, who their playmates are, how their behaviour has been and any concerns and that is emailed directly to you.


Drop off and Collection


Dont worry if it gets a little noisy when you first arrive the dogs always get excited to see new people and most of all new playmates so they may bark but they do settle down quickly and rarely bark during daycare otherwise. Barking is communication and we don't punish or mind a bark of excitement or greeting but of course we do not allow persistent barking and use positive reward based aiming techniques and distractions to prevent that. The last thing you want as an owner is for your dog to constantly bark unnecessarily disturbing you or your neighbours. 


We'll be pleased to provide you with more details, answer any questions or book your dog in for daycare just contact us by phone, email, Facebook messenger or our contact form.

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The Murphy Pack

Canine Leisure Centre

65B Derryhirk Rd



Co Tyrone

N. Ireland

BT71 6NH


Grooming Studio opening September 2017!!

Our business hours

Monday - Friday07:30 - 18:30
Saturday09:00 - 17:00
We are open for Doggy Day Care and Play Sessions mon to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm. We open by appointment for private evening sessions. We have 3 Social & Play sessions on Saturdays. Places for which are booked in advance.

Free Car parking in clean concrete yard.


Our premises are fitted with Live Web Cams so you can log in and see whats happening from your mobile device or computer. Download the Sricam App and get today's login info when you drop off your dog.

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The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre