The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre
The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre

Our Story

The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre


Murphy's is the life ambition and passion of Lynne Murphy - Proprietor


Message from Lynne


"I have been a dog lover and owner from childhood and have experience of working in a veterinary practice from a young age where I was engaged in a wide variety of pet husbandry and assisting the veterinary team in their duties. A countryside enthusiast and "munchie" at heart my love of animals has always been to the fore.  Encouraged by my profession in supply of Medical Equipment for children and adults with special needs I become a licenced PAT dog handler and have volunteered as a Pets for Therapy handler for the last number of years.


For years I've day dreamed and wished that I was spending more time with our canine companions but put it aside as just a dream.  I love all dog breeds and their various characteristics and personalities. My family dog growing up was a Golden labrador and I currently have 4 beautiful Jack Russell terriers (I'd have more if I could lol) Spot (4yrs), Ted, (3yrs), Barney (2years 6months) and Jimmy (2years) and they are my family, hobby, passion and life.  They are my inspiration and motivation to create "The Murphy Pack".


All the things I love best in life whether that be the countryside, walks, family, travel and more is wrapped around my fur family - commonly referred to as the Murphy Pack . I constantly find myself disappointed that despite the large portion of households in Ireland that have dogs there are not more facilities for our animal friends in my locality and hope that that continues to improve. While parents could stay warm and entertain their children's at a variety of kiddies play centres on even the most miserable of Northern Irish days there wasnt so much choice for fur-kids.


While The Murphy Pack spend lots of time at the dog parks, dog day care, behaviour centres, therapy pools and dog friendly hotels we needed a more comfortable outdoor AND indoor play area where the dogs could stay clean and comfortable in one nice location that was convenient to get to. Another factor that is very personal to me is inclusion so the fact that so few places were particularly suitable for wheelchairs is something that doesn't sit well with me so the Murphy Pack had to be accessible for all.


Exercise is one thing but The Murphy boys love fun and using play equipment and lots of toys so that was high on our priority list too and so Murphy's Canine Leisure Centre is born!


Having grown the business and built a loyal customer base and huge internet following with over 36,000 Facebook followers and a number of viral videos reaching over 22million viewers in just last 9 months in September we made the decision to pass on the business to the Murphy Pack colleague and groomer Ronan Maguire.

Following Lynne having a bad hand injury and being ill Ronan had become indispensable and as our family's plans and focus changed it makes perfect sense to pass it on to such a wonderful and highly capable person and we are delighted it is in such good hands. 


Lots of Love ..Crazy Dog Lady AKA Lynne xxx


Take a look at our advantages

  • Clean and Warm indoor play
  • Fun Soft Play equipment  and Toys
  • Covered outdoor arena
  • Convenient location
  • Disabled Friendly

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The Murphy Pack

Canine Leisure Centre

65B Derryhirk Rd



Co Tyrone

N. Ireland

BT71 6NH


Grooming Studio opening September 2017!!

Our business hours

Monday - Friday07:30 - 18:30
Saturday09:00 - 17:00
We are open for Doggy Day Care and Play Sessions mon to Friday 7.30am to 6.30pm. We open by appointment for private evening sessions. We have 3 Social & Play sessions on Saturdays. Places for which are booked in advance.

Free Car parking in clean concrete yard.


Our premises are fitted with Live Web Cams so you can log in and see whats happening from your mobile device or computer. Download the Sricam App and get today's login info when you drop off your dog.

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The Murphy Pack - Canine Leisure Centre